Important options in choosing wireless charging for your phone

If your smartphone supports wireless charging technology, then you simply must take advantage of all its advantages. It is convenient and allows you to easily put the phone on charge, and also easy to remove it at any time. However, not all modern gadgets support wireless charging. This device can be used by owners of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Yotaphone and Huawei.

How to choose wireless charging

Wireless charging is an amazingly simple but great idea. You just need to put your smartphone on it, after placing it in the right place, for example, on the nightstand, and the electricity will begin to flow directly into your device.

When choosing a charging model, the following factors should be considered:

  • Type of device – desktop, in the form of a stand, built-in and for use in the car. There are also universal models suitable for any type of equipment: telephone, laptop.
  • Not all companies produce electronics suitable for wireless charging. Apple and Samsung are leaders in this area.
  • Chargers that work on the technology of “Qi”, and those that operate on the principle of “PMA”.

Important parameters

This is where the selection process becomes a little more complicated, because it is your smartphone and its compatibility with the output power of a wireless charger that can greatly affect how quickly and efficiently it charges it.

Main options:

  • 5 watts at a distance of 4 cm indicate a moderate option. High power model produces 30 watts or more. The functional device charges equipment located no further than 2 cm.
  • Working hours. The average is 4 hours. A model that runs for more than 5 hours belongs to the slowly charging line.
  • Energy efficiency. For standard charges, the energy efficiency indicator is 75-80%.
  • Non-ionizing frequencies do not have a harmful effect on human health.

Secondary options:

  • Device shape. In the form of a circle, a rectangle, with a stand – the model can be any. The choice depends on the preferences of the buyer.
  • Rectangular devices more compact. Round ones take up more space in a bag or pocket of a jacket.
  • Classic shades will allow you to use charging at home and in the office.

Important to remember

There are a sufficient number of nuances that you should pay attention to before you buy a wireless charger for your smartphone. In addition to the main features, it is worth remembering about the following points:

  • Your smartphone and wireless charging must support the same maximum power for wireless charging;
  • A wireless charger can sometimes offer higher charging speeds for Android smartphones, and slower for iPhone;
  • In theory, your smartphone can always get a software update that unlocks faster wireless charging, which will greatly speed up the process.

Despite the functional simplicity of wireless chargers, the market is full of very different models, which is definitely good for consumers, since everyone has different tastes.