How to protect your Android smartphone from viruses

Currently, the android system is mainly used for all modern smartphones. Given these statistics and the rapidly growing number of users using Internet banking, it is not surprising that the number of malicious software that is aimed at stealing personal information is growing.

There are also malicious programs that, once on an Android smartphone or tablet, show annoying ads that cannot be closed. To protect against viruses on an android device, the user must follow a few simple rules, which we will give below.

How to understand that there is a virus on a smartphone

Spyware on Android is usually disguised as an application or system service. Sophisticated viruses written by high-class professionals practically do not give out their presence. Most often, their activity is revealed upon detection of unauthorized access to user accounts. Only a qualified specialist can detect such a trojan using third-party traffic control tools.

The obvious signs of a virus on Android include:

  • Unknown application icons appeared on the screen that cannot be moved or deleted;
  • when you connect the device to the Internet, an intrusive advertisement appears;
  • device performance dropped sharply for no apparent reason;
  • the battery began to discharge quickly;
  • Also, for no apparent reason, Internet traffic began to disappear.

How to protect smartphone from viruses

By following these simple rules, you can guaranteed to protect your smartphone from viruses:

  • Having bought a new device or made a reset to the factory settings, the first thing to do is install the antivirus for Android.
  • Install applications from the official Play Market catalog, the risk of infection in which is several times lower than when installing from third-party sources.
  • Refuse to get Root rights on your device, which reduce the security of your gadget.
  • Refuse offers to establish something when visiting doubtful sites.
  • Do not open links in incoming SMS messages.

Today, all well-known antivirus manufacturers release their product for the Android operating system, which are available in the official Play Market catalog. Here you can choose both free programs and paid versions with advanced functionality.

To install an antivirus and start checking the device for malicious programs, open the Play Market and type the word “antivirus” in the search bar.