How to print a document from an Android smartphone

Many users are often interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to print documents on a printer from a telephone. After all, it is very convenient – you just need to upload data to an iPhone or iPad, and then print it at any time. But first you need to solve the problem associated with how to connect the printer to the phone.

Creating a connection using a USB cable

You must immediately clarify, that this option is not the best, because not all printers and mobile devices can do this. To start typing with iOS or Android, you need a USB-HOST output on your smartphone. In addition, you will need the appropriate drivers for the device. If you are able to fulfill all the conditions, then the printing device will be visible as USB. After that you can send any document for printing.

Among all modern manufacturers, only HP took care of their models of printers and MFPs. The fact is that she developed a special application called ePrint, the installation of which allows you to see almost all models of HP printing office equipment on tablet computers connected using a USB cable, for example, ipad.

Creating a connection using Wi-Fi

If you decided to establish a connection using wireless communication to print photos, then for this Wi-Fi must be present on both the smartphone and the printer. There are several ways to solve the problem of how to connect Android to a printer via wifi. For example, modern models of printing devices have the ability to send a task directly via Wi-Fi Direct. To do this, you need to enable it by opening the “More” section in the parameters of the mobile device. In some versions of the Android OS, it is written as “Wi-Fi direct.”

However, using this method with the help of earlier models of printers will not work, but you can go in another way – connect to the network. To do this, you need to make the printer network not through a personal computer, but to connect directly to the router. In general, thanks to wireless communications, you can easily use your mobile device to print photos and texts.

Using Google Cloud Print

Most modern printers are capable of printing via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or another quick way to wirelessly. However, many still have to print files from devices that do not support wireless protocols, so the service from Google remains in demand.

The steps to add a new printer to the Google Chrome browser are:

  • First you need to run Google Chrome.
  • Sign in to your Google Chrome account if this is not done automatically.
  • Press the “Menu” button, which, depending on the version of Chrome, is displayed with an icon with three lines or dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section and click Manage.
  • Click “Add Printers”.
  • Select the necessary printers from the opened list and add to the service using the “Add Printers” button.

Although almost all existing printers are capable of working with the Google Cloud Print service, there are still those that are incompatible with it. To save users from trial and error, Google has compiled a list of printers that can work with their cloud service.

Using Dropbox

This option is best if you need to print a document on a PC that is outside the range of the wireless network. At the same time, there is support for printing text documents and photographs of various formats.

  • To get started, download and install the Dropbox app on your smartphone or tablet, as well as on your PC.
  • Save all those documents from a personal computer that you would like to access from your Android device in Dropbox.
  • Log in to the account under which you registered in the application from any PC that is connected to the printer.
  • Open access to the files that you have uploaded to the cloud storage and click on “Print”.
  • At the end, wait until the printing process of the selected documents is completed.

Using the above methods, you can easily and quickly print any document. This saves time and makes it possible to save yourself from unnecessary gestures.