How to manage subscriptions in the new section of Google Play

For all users, a new application subscription format on Google Play is now available. You can apply through the Subscription Center. This feature was first announced at a developer conference in May of this year. Now the innovation has finally become available to all owners of Android smartphones.

Now on Google Play, you can view information about your subscriptions and also make changes to the list. In addition, you can manage payment methods here. A special section has appeared in the Google Play Store application, where all subscribed services are displayed. It should be noted that at the moment subscription management for Apple users is less convenient, but in the near future specialists from Google promise to optimize this process.

In addition, developers can now create dynamic links to subscription pages. This greatly facilitates their distribution through third-party services, email and social networks. If the user cancels the subscription, the developers can arrange a survey to find out the reason for the refusal and try to return the client.

How to manage your subscriptions:

Open the Google Play Store, click on the menu and select the “Subscriptions” section. You will see all issued subscriptions indicating the size of the monthly fee, as well as the cancellation option. When canceling, the application will ask you to indicate the reason why you decided to unsubscribe. If there are no subscriptions, then the user will see applications that distribute content according to the subscription model. For each country, a separate list of the most popular applications is compiled here.

In addition to everything, a whole section with subscriptions is now available to users. Thus, it will be even easier for users to find and subscribe to a suitable application. Google experts say that a simple and convenient option for subscribing and unsubscribing affects the profit of developers. Users are more likely to subscribe to some application if they know that they can unsubscribe from it at any time.