How to install and configure VLC for Huawei owners

Huawei devices have been excluded from the list of smartphones compatible with the VideoLC VLC application. This restriction has been applied only to the Google Play Store. Users can still install the VLC APK file at any time. However, for the correct functioning of the application, you must change the system settings.

In VideoLAN, such measures were taken because the owners of Huawei smartphones began to leave poor reviews. The problem ended up in the EMUI shell — for some reason, it prevented VLC from working correctly in the background. That is why therefore the application play music with the screen off. Many owners of Huawei smartphones have decided that this problem is in the player, and not in their devices.

How to make VLC work correctly?

  • Go to the smartphone’s security settings and see if there is permission to install applications from third-party sources.
  • Download the VLC APK-file from the official site and run the installation.
  • Go to “Settings”> “Battery” and find the item “Battery Optimization”. You need to go to the “All applications” tab, find the VLC and set the “Do not optimize” option. On some smartphones, the list of applications is in another place: “Settings”> “Applications”> “Settings”> “Special access”> “Ignore optimization”.

In addition, users can try to use the list of protected applications in the “Battery Saving” section, which is located in the Phone Manager or Battery application or in the “Battery Management” section in the “Settings”. When you turn off battery optimization for the VLC application, it will function properly to use to listen to music or audio books in the background.