How to hide files, photos and videos on an Android device

In today’s world, a lot of people store personal information in the memory of their smartphone. That is why each of us at least once wondered how to hide folders and images on an Android device. Fortunately, Android users can use several methods for this.

Creating a copy of the OS

One of the best ways to hide files, photos and videos on your smartphone is to create a copy of the OS that will be protected by an additional password. This method will be useful if you decide to lend the device to a friend or are worried that your soulmate may see something superfluous.

How to do it:

  • go to Settings > Security and Privacy;
  • find the option “Personal space” and activate it;
  • set an additional password.

In addition, you can install the graphic key on the lock screen, then no one will know for sure what your device stores.

How to hide photos and files from the gallery

If you wish, you can also hide certain folders containing personal photos or videos from the Gallery application. How to do it:

  • Go to the gallery application and select the files you want to hide;
  • Then click on the icon in the form of three dots and call up the settings menu;
  • here you can click on the “Hide albums” icon.

Some devices can hide selected files and protect them with a password without third-party programs. But sometimes for these purposes it is necessary to use special applications.

Data encryption

Some smartphone manufacturers provide additional applications that can encrypt files on Android. However, you need to work with them very carefully, because there is a threat:

  • you can forget the password;
  • support for this application will cease and you will lose your files forever.

In addition, there is already a file encryption scheme in Android 5.0, which is used on most smartphones released since 2014. Such Android devices are fully encrypted, so that no one can access your data until you unlock your smartphone.