Android users officially will be able to refuse of Google

Contrary to popular belief that Google does not have its own ecosystem, the company has it and consists of a large number of applications and services. The operating system, browser, search engine – all these are parts of a huge ecosystem that has grown so much that it began to interfere with competitors. As a result, Google was banned from pre-installing its applications on Android, forcing third-party products to advertise.

Now, Google will offer the owners of Android smartphones the opportunity to choose any search engine that will work by default. In addition, to make it easier for users to navigate, Google will create a list of frequently used search engines that will be randomly offered during the initial setup of the device or after changing the web browser.

Alternative search engine instead of Google


Despite the fact that competition, as a rule, only benefits consumers, the ban on using the Google search engine in its own operating system is completely groundless. It turns out that Google became a victim of its own success, which it came to thanks to the uniqueness of its own products, which made them in demand all over the world. Not only that, the search giant, in fact, was deprived of full access to their developments, but it also forced to advertise less successful competitors.

Which browser to choose?

This is not the first such case in the history of digital technology. It is worth recalling the antitrust proceedings organized by the European Commission against Microsoft. Then the company was accused of exclusive control of the browser market and forbidden to make Internet Explorer the default Windows browser. As a result, many users learned that they have a choice and gradually began to abandon IE, which led to the rapid loss of its position and the leadership of Google Chrome.

However, one should not assume that the browser selection tool was the reason for users to abandon Internet Explorer. A large role was played by Microsoft itself, which, being confident in its leadership, did not update its browser for a long time and gave users an excuse to choose something else. This means that Google will not lose first place among search engines, since most users will not want to leave to competitors. But even a loss of 2-3% can deprive the company of several million dollars.