Fortnite will not allow google play on itself to speculate

The company Epic Games officially announced that if Fortnite Battle Royale is released will be released on Android, then the game can not be downloaded on the Google Store. The head of the organization, Tim Sweeney, in a recent interview for The Verge, said that such a decision was made in order to pay the 30% tax imposed by Google on in-game purchases of games distributed on Google Play.


The following rule is practiced in the world – developers pay 30% tax in order to cover the cost of game development, support and development.


Sweeney added that in his opinion, such an amount is too high and completely unjustified. Another reason Fortnite will not be present on the Google Play store is because Epic Games wants to maintain a direct relationship with its customers. That is why Fortnite did not get on Steam.


It should be clarified that Fortnite brings its developers hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to microtransactions. Therefore, we can say for sure that Epic Games does not have any difficulties with supporting the game. Most likely the reason is the desire to earn more and not to share with third parties who have nothing to do with the creation and support of the game.


Now the game is available on almost all mobile and desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Xbox One and One X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and iOS. It is distributed free of charge and supports cross-platform gaming between users of different types of devices. When Fortnite comes out on Android, it has not yet been reported.