Magnetic sensor in a smartphone: what is it and how does it work?

Modern phones are very similar to computers – they are arranged according to the general principle: motherboard, processor, video adapter, RAM.

But the main difference is the numerous sensors that no smartphone can do without: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a barometer, temperature sensors, proximity lighting, etc. All of them simplify the use of the phone and make it smarter. Today we will talk about the features and purpose of the magnetic sensor in modern smartphones.

Why is a magnetic sensor necessary?

This sensor is also called a Hall sensor. The Hall effect was discovered almost 150 years ago, but to this day is actively used in various devices. The Hall sensor detects a magnetic field, thanks to which it can determine the position of the smartphone in space. So, a smartphone can become a compass – just download the special application from Google Play (just do a search for “compass”).

In the middle of the last century, the Hall sensor was used in cars – this was the first step in introducing such technologies into human life. Further, the development began to be used in other areas, including mobile technology.

The magnetic sensor is convenient, coupled with a cover on a magnetic clasp/latch. Due to this, you can save time, since the phone screen will automatically turn off when closing and turn on when you open the accessory. If the cover has a window, the space that is not covered by it can be active, that is, it will be possible to check the time, applications and some widgets without opening the case and unlocking the smartphone. It should be noted that the magnet does not harm the sensor or other sensors or accessories of the phone.

How to enable magnetic sensor on android?


Most of the flagships produced by both large brands and more budget companies have a magnetic sensor. It works automatically. You can check the availability of technology in the technical specifications of a particular device or through simple tests:

You can simulate a magnetic case by attaching an ordinary magnet to the phone screen. If the display goes blank, the magnetic sensor has tripped.

Download the compass app, turn off the Internet and see if it works. UPD. It should be noted that in the case of the compass we are talking about a more advanced geomagnetic sensor.