Is it true that overcharging a phone’s battery harmful?

We answer an important and popular question – is it possible to keep the smartphone on charge for a long time?

The smartphone has become an integral attribute of modern man. Today, it performs not only the role of the phone, but also helps to cope with everyday tasks, entertains the user and even comes to the rescue in emergency situations. It is imperative that the phone holds a charge for a long time, so the battery capacity plays a huge role in choosing a smartphone. Equally important is the proper operation of the device. Many people wonder – is it possible to recharge a smartphone for a long time? How does this affect the battery? What happens if you leave the device for the whole night connected to the network?

Despite the fact that modern phones are equipped with special power controllers, such actions will not benefit the gadget. When the smartphone begins to lose 1-2 percent of energy after a full charge, the charging process resumes. This can happen several times overnight – thus not only the battery capacity is reduced, but also the number of cycles.

If rarely overcharging a smartphone, it is not so dangerous for the device. However, it is important to note that even in this case, it is recommended to use only the original charger. It is thanks to him that the smartphone determines when it is enough charge, and when you need more. Non-original components, especially inexpensive Chinese cables and network adapters, provide an extra load on the smartphone’s battery, and then its overheating and a possible decrease in capacity.

Even slight overcharging can adversely affect the phone’s battery capacity. The most optimal is charging by 90-95%, since it allows you to increase the number of cycles and does not require a power controller to disconnect further smartphone power from the network. If you need to charge the gadget to 100%, carefully monitor the charge indicator. Ideally, when you reach full charge, you need to remove the phone from the wall outlet.