How to configure Android applications update

By default, automatic updates for all applications are enabled for all devices with android. Sometimes this is not very convenient, especially if you are not often connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi without traffic restrictions. Below you can read detailed instruction that describe how to configure automatic updating of Android applications for programs and games (you can also disable the update for all applications except selected ones).

Disable updates for all Android applications

To disable updates for all Android applications, you will need to use the Google Play settings (Play Store).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open the Play Storeapp;
  2. Click on the menubutton in the upper left;
  3. Select “Settings” ⇒ Open Google Play Settings;
  4. Click on Auto-update applications;
  5. Choose your upgrade option.

If you select “Never”, then no applications will be updated automatically. This completes the configuration process and now on your device, updates will not be downloaded automatically. In the future, you can always update applications manually by going to Google Play ⇒ Menu ⇒ My apps and games Updates.

How to disable or enable updates for selected Android apps only

Sometimes it may be required that updates are downloaded for just one application. You can do this using the following settings:

  1. Go to the Play Store, click on the menu button and go to the My applications and gamesitem;
  2. Open the Installed list⇒ List of installed Android applications;
  3. Select the desired application and click on its name;
  4. Click on the button additional parametersin the upper right (three dots) and check or uncheck Auto-update.

After that, regardless of the application update settings on the Android device, the settings you specified will always be used for the selected application.