The best free apps for reading books on Android.

Those who prefer to read books on electronic devices have long known that FBReader and Cool Reader are a great option among reading applications. Of course, these applications are leaders in their field, despite the fact that they were created in the early 2000s. If you are, to some extent, a conservative or just a lover of “classics”, for whom quality is the main thing, and not appearance, then FBReader or Cool Reader will become the best assistant for you. However, now there are much more convenient and advanced applications that we will talk about in this article.

TOP – 5 best free programs for reading on Android.

So that you do not lose your time, but immediately could use a high-quality reading program, we analyzed and ranked the best free apps for reading books on Android.

Moon + Reader

This time-tested application supports the most common e-book formats: fb2, txt, html, epub, chm, cbr, mobi, cbz, umd. Works with ZIP and RAR archivers. One of the drawbacks is that PDF is not available in the free version. In Moon + Reader, you can customize the design, font and text size, style, page turning animation, and much more. Also has a backlight and a convenient library. It is possible to sort files by author, genre, etc., as well as create bookmarks, select text and synchronize books with other gadgets that you use.

EBook Droid Djvu Reader

This application is suitable for those who have been looking for the best PDF and djvu book reader applications for a long time. The utility is absolutely free, does not require the purchase of premium versions to take advantage of all the features. And what is important – there is no advertising that can interfere or distract. This utility also has various settings, with which you can adjust the parameters to the desired. There is also a function for recognizing text, scaling, editing, bookmarking, switching modes.

Google play books

This is a free reader application that supports EPUB and PDF formats. This program does not stand out with any special set of functions, but it is equipped with the most necessary: ​​color adjustment, read aloud function, page turning animation. The application also has a user-friendly interface, without intrusive advertising banners, and allows you to synchronize the library within a single Google account.

Pocketbook reader

This is one of the most versatile reading applications. If you do not want to delve into which formats the above programs support, then we recommend downloading this utility. PocketBook supports all common e-book formats: fb2,, pdf, txt, rtf, epub, html, chm, djvu. It is important that there are also many different settings that appear after a long touch in the center of the device’s display. In addition to the standard parameters, there is a search and read aloud function, as well as the ability to change the background color depending on the selected topic (night, day, newspaper, sepia).



This application appeared a long time ago, but despite this, it is popular with users. It has a very simple interface, without extra features. By default, the text of the book will be displayed in large enough letters, but this can be easily fixed using the settings. If you are distracted by the battery indicator, and it is red, then it can also be removed in the settings. The AlReader application copes well with playing all the declared formats: fb2, txt, epub, html, doc, docx, rtf, mobi, and also works with ZIP, GZ, TTS archives.