Is it possible to charge a smartphone from a computer?

A charger and a power cable are always included with the mobile phone. Moreover, in almost every home there is a computer – stationary or portable. It would seem, why do you need a power source, if you connect a smartphone or mobile phone for charging  in one of the USB ports on the computer. This is true, you can charge your smartphone from a computer, but this is not recommended.

Pros in the way of charging a smartphone from a computer

A user who constantly works at a computer has convenient access to USB ports. While the computer is working, it is possible to charge the smartphone.

In addition, when connected to a computer, it is possible to use immediately with the phone files while charging. Despite the fact that now most of the movies, music, books and other content are viewed from a smartphone online through various services, there are still users who are more comfortable downloading their favorite music to the device’s memory.

Another plus of charging smartphones from a computer is the reduction in power consumption. Some users claim that after turning on the computer, it can be used as a power source to charge the smartphone. However, it is worth saying that the energy consumption for charging a smartphone is so small that from an economic point of view it does not make much sense.

Cons of charging a phone from a computer

Experts who oppose charging the smartphone from the computer, indicate possible damage to the battery as the main argument. The fact is that most often users connect USB adapters to the computer, from which the smartphone is charging. It is important to know that the current of these connectors is not able to provide sufficient voltage for a smooth, but quick charge of the device. Because of this, the smartphone will charge from such connectors longer than if it was charged directly from the USB port of the motherboard or from a power source connected to a power outlet.

A small number of users really care about the antivirus security of their smartphones, while they have long been the targets of attacks by virus attackers. Viruses for smartphones can be very different: miners (consuming device resources), trojans (capable of stealing personal data), pests (able to turn a smartphone into a “brick”) and so on. Viruses can easily end up on your smartphone if you regularly connect it to your computer via USB, even if you don’t send files to it.

Important: It is especially dangerous to charge smartphones from other people’s computers and laptops, because you cannot be sure that these devices are not infected with viruses.