How to quickly switch a country in the Google Play Store

Google has added a new feature to the Google Play Store – a quick switch between countries in case the application you need is not available in the host country.

You can change countries in the profile settings, but for this the user must meet certain criteria. A choice will appear only if you have made at least one purchase on Google Play before, being in the wrong country in which you have chosen as the main one.

How to change country in Google Play:

Launch the Google Play app on your smartphone or tablet and go to your account settings.
If you meet the criteria, you will see a new option – “Country and profiles”. Click on it.
You will see which country is used by default in your account when shopping on Google Play, as well as a list of available countries to which you can switch.
Choose any country – now it will be the main one, and all purchases on Google Play will be made through it.