Free apps for reading books on Android

Large diagonal and high resolution in modern devices on Android, make the reading process more convenient and fun. Selecting an application for reading electronic books, the user is guided by personal needs and tastes.

For some, the support of a large number of formats is important, someone needs access to network libraries. For example, I will never use the “reader” if it does not provide a night reading mode. Someone will say that content is the most important thing, not form. And then I probably agree, but I want to draw an analogy with paper books. It is much more pleasant to hold a book in a beautiful cover with a clear and beautiful font. The same can be projected onto reading applications. Anyway, but it is with paper books that we subconsciously compare electronic analogs. And the more we find similar moments, the more likely it is that we will choose a specific program. It is these “close to reality” applications for reading that we tried to choose for you.

Cool reader

Cool Reader – the most famous and popular program for reading books for androids. Although it is not the easiest interface, but after spending some time setting it up for yourself, you will be 100% satisfied with the result. The application supports all popular formats: fb2,, .txt, .rtf, .doc, .epub, .chm, .pdb, .prc, .mobi.

Here you will not find built-in stores, but you can open the desired book from any directory of the root system of your device. Beautiful textures, page turning effect and convenient work with a table of contents will help you to plunge into reading for hours.


FBReader can be called one of the best “readers”. In addition to numerous customizable reading options, the application feels the style! Especially organically FBReader looks on devices with a version of Android 4.0 and above. The menu, settings items, display of read pages and much more is done in the holo-style inherent in the standard Android interface. It should be noted the excellent optimization of the application and very smooth navigation within the program itself. FBReader users can also find various plugins for accessing network libraries on Google Play.

Moon + Reader

In principle, another good-quality e-book reader application that has one undeniable advantage is synchronization with Dropbox. Having similar functionality with the programs described above, Moon + Reader has a beautiful appearance and built-in access to various bookstores.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is the most simple and quite convenient program for reading books on Android-smartphones and tablets. The application has a simple and minimalistic design. In other words, nothing superfluous to distract you from reading. The absence of a Russian-language interface and a small number of supported formats, of course, is a little upsetting, but the simplicity and decent work on devices running not the latest Android versions allowed this application to provide more than 10 million downloads today!

PocketBook Reader

“Omnivore” application for reading electronic literature. It has an original interface in the form of a “circular” menu with various controls, which is called by pressing the center of the screen. The work with the text is very convenient: selection, creation of quotes and comments, snapshots of individual screen sections. Font size can be adjusted with a simple “sliver” on the display. Even if the PocketBook Reader does not deserve to be defined as the best program for reading, then with functionality and “bells and whistles” it will be able to compete on a par with the leaders.