The best news apps for Android

The internet has changed the way you view news. Instead of newspaper editors defining the most important things for us, and then we bought their product, we can now freely navigate the waves of the Internet to find news that is most important to us. There are tons of sites that provide news, and it can be difficult to track them all. In this list, we’ll tell you about the best Android news apps that will help you stay organized, stay up to date and find the right news.


This is one of the most popular news apps. This is RSS. This means that you can use different sites and sources. The goal is to create your own news network from places you trust. It comes with integration with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. In addition, you can access your channel on your mobile phone or on your computer. This is the best variant. The application and service are completely free to use.


Flipboard is another one of the most popular news apps. It is very similar to feedly. You can create your own feed with your favorite news sources, sites. Flipboard differs from Feedly in that it’s a bit more flashy. It includes fun animations, large images and a user interface that give it a digital magazine look. This is a terrific app. You can get it and use it for free.

Google app

Google app is a great source of news. The app provides you with a decent feed. You can see things like weather, news related to your interests, and other useful information. Google voice search is, like Google Assistant. The only downside is that the application uses your search history to determine your interests. Thus, if you are looking for something that you really do not care about for some reason, the application will think that you like it. This can be fixed, but it can be annoying. The application and all its services are free.


Inoreader is one of the new news apps. It is very similar to feedly. You get news that you can customize to your taste. It includes 28 ready-made topics for those who do not want to dig and find their own sources. The application supports offline mode, a decent selection of topics, and it will keep track of what you are reading. It is not as deep as feedly. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative for those who do not want to do so much work, establishing their sources. It is completely free.

News republic

News Republic is a cure for anxiety. This application is for creating news. This is a source of news from more than 2500 sources. You tell the application what you like to read. The application then uses its sources to give you a news source that doesn’t tire your brain like so many others. The app also includes news on trends, a daily digest to show you the biggest news of the day. It takes time to get to know your tastes. However, this is one of the best news apps. It’s free to use, or you can sign up for $ 2.99 per year to remove ads.


Pocket is one of the most unique news applications. He does not offer content. However, it retains all the content that you accidentally find during the day. You will surely find something on Twitter or Facebook or in a chat that you cannot read right now. You can write it in Pocket, and then return to read it later. It has autonomous support. Users can subscribe to a subscription. It offers unlimited storage, a tag system that helps you stay organized, text-to-speech and advanced features for the PC.

Podcast and Radio addict

Podcast and Radio addict is a good all-in-one solution for news apps. This is a combination of an RSS reader and podcast application. It boasts a collection of 450,000 podcasts. In addition, you can subscribe to almost any news source you like. The app supports podcast playlists, categorically organized news feeds, Chromecast support, and even support for YouTube and Twitch channels. There are better apps for podcasts, and there are better apps for RSS. However, nothing makes a combination of the two better than it.


Reddit serves as the Internet homepage. This is basically true. Most trending news starts somewhere on Reddit. You can subscribe to subreddits that allow you to see different interests. You can find subreddit for almost everything, from fashion to technology, from Android to iOS. The official application works quite well. It does not have many powerful user features. However, it is great. Overall, this is one of the best news apps and communities.


Twitter is the best platform for social networking and news. This is one of the few platforms that still show posts in chronological order. So he will show you what is happening right now. It has hashtags, trending topics and some other search features. You simply follow the sources you like. Your feed will then show your latest posts.