Google Play Store Tricks And Features

Do you think that you use Android smartphone and squeeze the maximum out of it? Do not be so sure until you become familiar with the features of the Play Store, which you may not have known before.

Installation via browser

If you migrated to Android with iOS, for you it will be a pleasant revelation that applications can now be installed not only with a mobile device, but also with the help of a browser on the computer. Go to , find the application you need, log in to your Google Account, click “Install”, and after a while it will appear on your smartphone.

Beta Test

Developers upload experimental versions of their applications to the Play Store. If any application has a beta version, you can join the testing (and then, if desired, it is just as easy to get out of it and restore the stable build of the application).

Testing games and applications

In the Play Store there is a special section “Beta”, where developers spread test versions of applications and games. They are designed for open testing and running in before release, but the coolest thing is that in this way you can play free games that will later be distributed for money.


Potentially hit games, which are scheduled to be released in advance in a few months, can be pre-registered. After the release of the game you will receive a notification and immediately be able to install it.


If you purchased the application or game, but were disappointed in the purchase, the money spent can be returned. This can be done on the application page. Even if the return period is missed (which is only about a couple of hours), you can contact the developer by e-mail and explain to him why you want a refund – most likely he will agree.

Auto Update

In the Play Store settings, you can choose how to update the applications: automatically or manually. You can also specify in which Internet connection the updates will be downloaded: only Wi-Fi or also via mobile communication.

Disable auto-update

Perhaps you do not want any application to be automatically updated (for example, it gets confused)? Open its page in the Play Store, click the menu icon in the upper right corner and remove the icon from the option “Auto Update”. In the future, this application can be updated at any time manually.

A wish list

If you plan to purchase any application, game or other content (book, music album, film), but do not have free money or are not sure of the expediency of such a purchase, use the wish list. You can go to it at any time and remember what interested you.

Subscription control

In the Play Store menu there is a special section called “Subscriptions”. Here you can see all the subscribed subscriptions in various services, as well as applications that offer services on the subscription model.

Family subscription

Family subscription allows members of the same family to use purchased games and applications on multiple devices with different Google accounts. In addition, it is used to subscribe to a family subscription to Google Play Music, YouTube Music Premuim and YouTube Premium.

Parental control

If your child uses the device, you can protect it from adult content in the Play Store. To do this, go to the settings of the parental control, enter the PIN code (and do not forget it), and then select the age rating for games, applications and movies, and specify whether there can be releases in the music catalog with abusive names and texts.

Protection of purchases

If your smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, you can use it to confirm purchases of applications, games and other content. You can also choose when such confirmation is required: always, never, or after half an hour from the last transaction.