New Gmail app with confidential Mode-Self Destruction

Google has finally updated the mobile Gmail applications, adding new features to the service features – self-destructing emails. The Web version of the postal service received this innovation back in April, along with a large-scale redesign. 

Now you can send and receive emails through Gmail apps for iOS and Android, the text of which can not be copied, forwarded or printed. Moreover, such a letter can set a password, which will be sent to the recipient via SMS. 

After the set time, the classified correspondence will be automatically deleted both from the recipient and the sender. The self-destruct timer can be set for one day to five years.

How to send messages in confidential mode

Open Gmail on your computer or smartphone, tap Write, and select Enable Privacy. Now configure the restrictions – access time and password, they will work for both the letter and the attached files.

  • If you select “No SMS”, Gmail users will be able to immediately open the message. Users of third-party services will receive an access code via e-mail;
  • If you select “Access code from SMS”, the password will be sent to the recipients in SMS. Enter the phone numbers of the recipients (not your personal number).

Click “Save”. 

As early as possible to close access to the letter

you can forbid access to the letter before the originally specified term:

  1. Open Gmail and select the “Sent” section;
  2. Open the confidential letter;
  3. Click Deny Access.

Updated versions of the Gmail app with the new feature are already available on Google Play and the App Store. Perhaps some users will have to wait a few days before the update appears for their devices.