Extending the battery life of your smartphone

A battery in a smartphone or tablet is one of the most important components in the device. Incorrect battery operation leads to a rapid loss of its capacity. And this means that the battery life from one charge will be significantly reduced and in due course there will be a need to replace the battery. Accumulators in modern mobile devices are not cheap, and besides they are often built directly into the gadget, which makes their replacement quite expensive. How can I increase the battery life of your smartphone or any other mobile gadget?

Recommendations for extending battery life

Observing simple rules for the operation of the battery, its service life can be significantly increased.

  1. Disable unused features on your smartphone or tablet . Disable those features that you do not need at the moment. It can be a GPS device module, an Internet connection, a Bluetooth connection. If you do not need them, then why waste the charge on these functions. A frequent discharge-charge cycle will quickly deplete the battery life.
  2. Use the original charger to charge . The use of non-original devices can lead to improper charging conditions, which can lead to a decrease in the battery capacity at best, and at worst – the failure of the battery.
  3. Take care that the battery does not overheat . Modern batteries are categorically resistant to high temperatures. Even exposure to direct sunlight reduces the service life. The optimum operating temperature range of the battery is -40C to + 50C.
  4. Do not allow the deep discharge of your device . In smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices use lithium-based batteries (lithium-ion, lithium-polymer), which do not tolerate discharge to zero. That’s why your smartphone with a remaining charge of 20% of the initial, offers to charge the device. Do not lower the charge below 20% and your battery will enjoy a long service life.
  5. Recharge the battery every 3-4 months . Mobile devices are often charged as if they were not fully charged, recharged from USB ports and external batteries, i.e. in abnormal mode. Experts recommend once a quarter to completely discharge the battery, then fully charge and hold in charge mode for 13 hours. This removes the negative processes inside the battery.
  6. Keep the battery partially discharged . If you have an unused battery in reserve, then it is recommended to store it at a charge level of 30-50%. A fully charged battery loses its capacity in long-term storage, and by storing a deeply discharged battery, you will probably never use it at all since he will not survive such storage.

Pay attention to the recommendations for extending the battery life, and your battery will last a long time.